0:24secs Colours
2mins:14secs Homemade pouring medium
4mins:14secs Base paint
5mins:00sec Mixing paints for crazy swipe
5mins:14secs Loxley Ashgate Canvas
9mins:28secs Mixing homemade pouirng medium with metallic paint
11mins:45secs Consistencies of paints for crazy swipe
12mins:30secs Pouring and layering paints on canvas for crazy swipe
13mins:53secs Tilting canvas to get rid of excess paint
16mins:58secs Getting rid of air bubbles using blowtorch
17mins:32secs Using a ruler to swipe
18mins:15secs Getting rid of lumps using bamboo sticks
19mins:10secs Using a blowtorch to encourage cells
22mins:00sec A closer look at the final piece

Fluid Art Masterclass V.2.0

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